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Author Topic: " MEET THE MODERATORS'"  (Read 17216 times)
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New England Moments

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« on: January 12, 2009, 09:19:36 AM »

    This is a List of our  Moderator Staff working hard, to make this a Place we All enjoy spending some time at..

    This Profile index includes, a small Bio on each,  their interests, and the Rooms in  which they Moderate.  We hope with this index, to allow New Members, and All Members , perhaps a face, and a name that you can better associate with, as you roam the different areas here at NEMs..
     Please feel free to send our Moderators any Personal Messages pertaining to particular Questions, Problems, or Room Suggestions in their designated forums..



        My name is Melissa, ( AKA Barngodess ), and Tom’s wife.  I am owner/administrator , and the person you can hold responsible for starting this board...... Wink ,      

    While I love snapping photos, I am not as technical minded as others on this board..... I shoot with a P&S   HP Photosmart 935.  I want to capture the moment.....  The fleeting moments that will not happen ever again, the very same way.

    I took Photography in High School. That is where I learned dark room techniques, developing film and pictures. I had a keen interest but never developed it any further.  In later years after marriage and when Tom got more involved we had a darkroom and I developed the film , while he developed the actual prints. Our interests went hand in hand.

    Present day, I am always up to a challenge. My life has not been immersed in photography, it has been spent trying to make a difference in peoples and animals lives.

    I was a Firefighter in Ohio, for 9 years. The second woman in the department at that time.... hence, the challenge..... both physically and emotional. My picture was in the newspaper more than once, being on the scene of local fires or accidents.

    I was an elected prosecuting Animal Control Officer for 2 years in Vermont, and helped pen the dog ordinance in that community. I also volunteered at the local animal shelter.  I worked many hours, helping to prosecute and bring awareness to animal cruelty in northern Vermont communities...... I just can’t help but stand up for Gods creatures.

    Again, my picture was published on the front page of the Burlington Free Press........ I did the Penguin Plunge, which was in February, 2005, air tempurature was 17 degrees F. It was a fund raiser for the Special Olympics.  

    NO, my photographs have not been published..... just photos of me.

    That’s about it for me, and that’s all besides my full time day job that I normally do, accept at the moment I’m unemployed after moving to Tennessee.


New England Moments / Tom / Owner Administrator,


    Before knowing anything about being a Photographer , or even the tech name Photography, Tom was a Simple , " Picture Taker ", starting in the late 60s with Kodak 110/ 126 Cameras.. A few Compliments here and there from Family,  stirred him into  taking Photography classes, over Sports in High School... This was the First Spark, to the  Fire that still burns out of Control for him to this Day..

    Basically  Self Taught in photography, Tom established himself as Freelance Photographer in his Home State of Ohio, in the mid “1980s” operating his Photography Business, “ Shooters “.   Never satisfied with just confining himself to Weddings, Portraits, and All Occasion type work, he continued his love of shooting the outdoors, and Publication, and it paid off.

    His Photography of Ohio’s most Scenic, Preserved , and Natural Areas, was recognized, and  shown on Public television, and local networks in the Ohio Area.  His Work Exhibited throughout Ohio for 18 Months in Museums and Galleries , such as;

" THE SHOWCASE GALLERY" , and Other Photographic Showplaces.

    Twelve of Tom’s Photos were again selected for Exhibit by The Dayton Museum of Natural History, to coincide with the work of Jim Brandenburg, author ,” White Wolf , the Living Legend”

    One of Tom’s photos of an Ohio Waterfall, Won a Kodak award, and toured with the Kodak Exhibit for one Year..

   In “ 92" Tom and his Wife moved to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, where he continued to publish work, of what he called , A photographers Heaven.  During the 17 Years in Vermont, Tom done  work for Vermont Illustrating, calendar shots , as well as various Magazines, last published in October of 08" with a Vermont Foliage spread, 4 Photos , and Cover in War Cry Magazine.  Tom and his Wife now reside in Northeast Tennessee, as of  Oct. “08" and he again plans to continue to feed his photography hunger and drive..


LordV... Brian Valentine
Moderator/ Macro Photography

Name from my hero of Terry Pratchett discworld books (Lord Vetinari)

I am an early retired PhD microbiologist who has rekindled an interest in photography after purchasing my first DSLR Christmas 2004. I had used pentax film SLRs before that but mainly for holiday/family snaps.
Soon found that I liked the world of macrophotography and have been happily snapping away in my garden ever since.
Macrophotography provides me with an interesting hobby and via the internet feedback on how I'm doing plus the opportunity to help others with their photography.

Lots of hints and tips on how I do my photography in the discussion points here


Canon camera bodies 20D,350D and 40D
Lenses 3X kit lenses, Sigma 105mm Ex macro, Canon MP_E65 macro, Canon 200mm F2.8L, Tokina 28-75mm SR Di.
Ancillaries 2X 430Ex flash guns, DIY flash brackets, DIY diffusers, bean pole, Jessops extension tube set and a mature garden with fish ponds.


Newspapers - The Times, The Scotsman, Daily mail, The Mirror and some local and foreign papers

Magazines -  Asian Geographic, Practical Photography, The garden (RHS), Skona hem, The Environmentalist, Gardenia.

Books - The fly (Stephen Connor), DK Animals

Calendar- Hopefully a 2010 one coming out.


Fame -"Worlds Greatest Macrophotgrapher" - a rather amusing entry in - not enered by me I hasten to add although I did reply to some of the nonsence.


Ian Miller
Global Moderator..Black & White , HDR Photography

Ian Miller (aka Fusion), is a Freelance Photographer currently living and working in South East Asia, and his involvement, and exposure to  photography stems back nearly some thirty Years.  Ian also realizes that with his experience, and time in Photography, that you can't just  rely on your past knowledge, the Digital Age, will not allow it, knowledge and experience is never ending.

His first camera, apart from his Dads old Brownie Box, was a Chinon CS with a 50mm f1.8 lens, no automation and a great cheap camera to learn the basics on. He quickly moved on to a Nikon F with a selection of Nikkor lenses bought second hand, mainly primes from 28mm to 300mm, no zooms at this point. This led to the Nikon F2 with a motor drive picked up whilst he was travelling in the USA, California (San Francisco if he remembers correctly) a real modern classic, he still has both these cameras and use them sometimes when film is requested.

His first 'real' digital camera was a Kodak DCS 520 ( Review) followed shortly after by a Kodak DCS 620 (review) both extremely expensive and ground breaking cameras in there day, obsolete now but still taking perfectly acceptable images and he can use all his MF Nikkor lenses with the 620 and retain metering.

His main camera is now the  Canon 1D MkIV 16MP and he is very impressed with it. This is supported by a Canon 1D,1D Mk2 & 10D and Powershot G11. He uses Canon & Sigma lenses (10-20 EX & 15-30 DG plus a Canon 24-105 IS f4 USM and 70-200 f2.8L USM) plus a Nikon D1H & D1X with a selection of Nikkor lenses.

Why CANON ?? Why NIKON ??

He has no particular preference between brand and finds that they all are much the same. He likes the  smoothness of the Canon images and he admires there reliability under extremes. Nikon he finds  the images more gritty and film like (especially the D1H) and for some images this is what he likes and for this reason he runs the two systems in tandem. Nikkor glass in his opinion still unbeatable and he still uses a lot of his retained Nikkor A1s lenses, no AF but superb results.

He is currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  He will be living almost exclusively in Phnom Penh City and using this as his base for futher freelance work and the exploration of the whole of SEA.


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Edit My Work..... No

Tom ........ New England Moments

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New Zealand,Auckland,

« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2011, 06:13:37 AM »

Mia DeLight

Forum Administrator and Moderator for Art & Darkside Gallery, Themed Photography Projects and Photo of the Month

Photography has been my biggest interest since 2006 when my partner Kevin gave
me his old Fuji digital to play with... It took over from painting, acting and singing and now
holds most of my spare time... I run and moderate a couple of photo groups on
Facebook and that, together with admining and moderating here and taking part as well as judging in various online photo
competitions, keeps me out of trouble lol.

For me, photography is an art and not so much about rules, technical knowledge or gear.
I enjoy playing with editing just as much as taking photos. It's like painting without
all the mess lol.... Of course we have to know the basics and benefit from advice and
comments from our peers, no matter where we are on the photography "ladder",
that's why a friendly forum like NEMs is so ideal!

I live in New Zealand on the North Island and enjoy capturing the landscape
as well as anything else around me. Now living in the countryside I challenge myself
with mainly shooting what's available in the neighborhood ie. visitors (especially children), animals, plants and wildlife...
Abstracts is also lots of fun as is working with composites, HDR and I love B&W...

I shoot with a Canon 7D and my fave lens is the 50mm...

I'm looking forward to seeing your work on the forum and in my rooms...

Mia Smiley

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Be Happy NOW! Tomorrow is too late lol!

It's OK to edit my photos in the right context. Copy right is still mine though.

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« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2014, 12:09:44 PM »

Udo Bock
Global Moderator, with special emphasis on "Architecture, Landscape, Night Photography" and "Photographers Laboratory"

This grimly determined dude is actually me  Grin
As you can see I like to carry lots of technical gear with me, although my back doesn't tolerate this treat longer than 3 hours anymore without pain.

I live in a crowded area of Southern Germany, but I travel a lot around the world and love to see nature in all it's facets.
Photography is an old passion of mine which seems to be become more and more important in my life.
By accident I also tried to learn how to create drawings or paintings using charcoal, pencils, pastel, water color and more. Nothing of extraordinary quality, but from that short period of about two years I became more and more aware of the importance of a good composition as the major key for good images. I think I'm getting better with this, although there is still so much to learn  Wink
I owned my first Nikon in 1977, and somehow I stayed loyal to this brand since today. There is no clear technical reason for this choice, it could have been easily a Canon or Pentax or ...
In 2009, I started to use Lightroom as the RAW converter, processing tool and database. Unbelievable how fast you can learn if you try to get used to a stable workflow!
In addition to Lightroom, I use Photoshop as the platform for additional processing, then Nik (now Google) filters, Helicon Focus for photostacking and other stuff.

Careful conceptual planning of my images is not one of my strengths, usually I find opportunities just by looking around  Grin
Pure documentation of nature is not my goal, I love to explore interpretations of images which I personally find exciting. That means, I eventually take the clone tool and remove a sheep or two, if deemed necessary  Grin

I joined this NEM forum at the end of 2010 after invitation by Tom. This forum is the best learning opportunity I can think of. It helped me a lot, and I want to be of some help for other members as well  Smiley
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Editing my Pictures? Sure, but tell me what you did!
Udo Bock - see also:
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